"Let's not educate our children for today's world. This world will not exist when they grow up. And nothing allows us to know what their world will look like. Then let's teach them how to adapt" - Maria Montessori


To support the development of independent children with a high self-esteem.

To create a prepared and safe environment for children to relax.

To awaken in each child the love for learning and the passion for knowledge.

To create a community where children, parents and kindergarten staff are respected and valued.


  • accredited by the Ministry of Education;
  • authorized to function by the National Committee for Alternative Education;
  • authorized to function by the National Health Department.

Montessori Environment

The Montessori environment is a spacious, open, tidy, pleasing in appearance, simple and real place, where each element exists for a reason in order to help in the development of the child. All items in the classrooms are scaled to the child’s size, including furniture, shelves, utensils, dishware, cleaning implements and the Montessori materials themselves. The classroom is divided into theme areas where related materials and bibliography are exposed on the shelves, allowing great freedom of movement. The classroom curriculum for children from 3 to 6 years old is divided into five working areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language and Cultural (including Music, Arts, Geography and Science).

Our Stafft

Our staff are AMI Montessori educators with professional training background and an obvious enjoyment, enthusiasm and full dedication. The AMI diploma is internationally recognised for its outstanding level of quality for preparing educators. We strive to provide continual support and training to our team and regular appraisals. Everyone we employ is passionate about their work and understand the importance of following each child's own needs.

Nienhuis Montessori Products

The Montessori classroom is a "living room" for children, a place in which they should feel at home and secure. Children choose their activities from among the self-correcting materials displayed on open shelves that allow the children to learn through all five senses. Precise materials are at the heart of a Montessori education. Nienhuis continue the legacy of Maria Montessori with concrete materials, based on the original blueprints and the principals of the methodology. For over 80 years, Nienhuis products have been produced using distinctive and traditional methods, investing a great deal of love into shape, color and character.